Surround Yourself With Healing Energy

Restore all aspects of your personal well-being

Gain a Metaphysical Perspective

Gain a Metaphysical Perspective

Look beyond the physical world in Twin Falls, ID

Your body consists of much more than your physical self. When you consider your personal well-being, it's important to also take your spirit and emotions into account. You can achieve balance and an awareness of all aspects of yourself with the services and guidance of Crystals EnLight in Twin Falls, Idaho. We offer massage therapy, meditation classes and psychic readings to help you achieve a gratifying equilibrium.

Reach out to us at 208-595-2474 to learn more about our services.

See what our shop has in store

Stop by Crystals EnLight to find books and resources about New Age healing, and crystals to add to your collection. We offer a wide range of curious odds and ends, including:

  • Himalayan Salt Lamps
  • Stones and Crystals
  • Books
  • Oracle Cards
  • Resources and Guides
  • Jewelry
  • Harmony Spinnerz

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Immerse yourself in a New Age way of thinking

Crystals EnLight was started in 2016 by two friends with an interest in metaphysics and a dedication to bringing New Age healing to the Twin Falls, ID area. Join us for a meditation class, an intuitive psychic reading or a Reiki session to get your energies back in balance. Meet fellow metaphysics and alternative healing enthusiasts and work toward a heightened sense of enlightenment. You can look forward to a transcendent experience at Crystals EnLight.

Visit Crystals EnLight and draw closer to spiritual enlightenment.

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